Vampires are a species that has been infected with vampirism. Vampires are always evil. They are Undead, and therefore immortal.

Universe Eledath
Homeland N/A
Language Any
Average height of adult Any
Skin color


  • Pale skin
  • Fangs
  • Burn in sunlight
  • Shape-shifting into bats
Average lifespan Immortal

Biology and AppearanceEdit

For the most part, people infected with vampirism look the same as they did before, but with paler, dead looking skin, and fangs. After infection, the victim does not age or grow. Being Undead, they don't have heartbeats, and bleed slowly. Their blood is dark and thick. They can transform into bats.


Vampirism passes from host to victim through saliva into the victim's bloodstream.




Vampires are difficult to kill, but not impossible. They burn in the sun, completely disintegrating within seconds. A wooden or silver stake through the heart, beheading, exposure to sunlight, and draining the blood are some ways to kill them. Silver and Celestial weapons and spells burn them.

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