Tracy McKlimmek
Biographical Info
Birthplace Kel River, Confederate Republic
Born July 5th, 180 ATB
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female (formally male)
Height 5' 9"
Skin Color Light
Eye Color Purple (formerly brown)
Hair Color Purple (formerly dark brown)
Scars Upper left arm
Appearances and Role-Play Info
Setting Dawnbreaker
Author Ty294
Role-Plays Dawnbreaker: Legacies
"That's Sakura, I'm Tracy. We're your friends, and you have a fire in your basement. And if you don't stop it, you could lose your house. Now, ask yourself, do you have time to ask questions?"
—Tracy McKlimmek speaking to an amnesic Angel Grace

Tracy McKlimmek, born Troy McKlimmek, was a human female who lived in the Confederate Republic during the chaos that took place in the year 200 A.T.B. and succeeding years after. Originally born as a male, she accidentally activated an ancient spell that transformed her into a female and endowed her with unnatural stealth abilities. A few months after the transformation, she left home and spent several months working as a hired thief and saboteur, eventually earning the nickname Wrench Ninja in the process. She eventually met Angel Grace and a host of others who became her friends. Tracy spent most of her time hanging around them after that.

Physical descriptionEdit

Tracy was slightly taller than average for her race and species and had a relatively lean build. Her hair, originally brown, became purple after her transformation, and she usually left it long and messy. Her eyes also changed color from brown to purple. Her face was freckled and she had relatively normal features otherwise. Tracy had a scar on her upper left arm where a thug working for the Confederate Civil Guardians cut off her arm and later reattached it.


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Angel GraceEdit

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Sakura KellerEdit

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Sakura is Tracy's mean older cousin who always steals her cookies.

Rene Apocalypse IIIEdit

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Marissa RayneEdit

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Kyle RayneEdit

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Evan CrossEdit

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Powers and abilitiesEdit

"Forgettin' somebody?"
—Tracy McKlimmek to Rene Apocalypse after sneaking up on her

As a result of the spell that transformed her, Tracy gained the ability to be unnaturally silent and stealthy. Though she had no training in the matter, the spell had given her the knowledge, instincts and physical ability to remain nearly undetectable to most beings.

Talents and skillsEdit

Tracy had mixed knowledge and skills in small arms and demolitions, mostly self-taught along with some military training during her brief stint with the military.

Behind the scenesEdit

Tracy was based on a spoof anime character called "The Wrench Ninja" created by author Ty294. The Wrench Ninja was originally a female ninja with purple hair who did battle with wrenches, but was later converted into the character of Tracy for Dawnbreaker: Legacies.


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