Srilaks are a humanoid reptilian people native to the Siron desert. They live together in tribes, lead by a "Primarch." They are often slavers, trading in people of various species. Cold-blooded, they stick to warmer climates, rarely traveling from their homeland. They don't trust other races, or even members from other Srilak tribes. Though they trade with each other, the tribes typically stay out of each other's way.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

Basically humanoid in shape, they walk upright most of the time. Their bodies are covered in thick, scaly skin that ranges in color from light yellow-brown to green. They are typically around six feet tall. They have lizard-like snouts and sharp, pointed teeth. They have clawed hands and feet, and don't wear shoes. Like lizards, they smell with their tongues. Their lifespans are 70-80 years.






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