Marissa Rayne
Strength -1
Stamina -2
Dexterity 1
Perception 3
  • Computer use/slicing
  • Mechanical/Software engineering
  • Melee combat
  • Large ranged weaponry
  • Magic
  • Little driving experience
  • Little handgun experience
  • Special eyes
Biographical Info
Birthplace The Capital
Born May 4th, 185 ATB
Physical Description
Species Hybrid
Gender Female
Height 5'2"
Skin Color Blue
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
  • Torso(Bullet, surgery)
  • Right arm
Defects Physical aversion to magic
Mentor(s) David Rayne
Appearances and Role-Play Info
Setting Dawnbreaker
Author Garyn Dakari
Role-Plays Dawnbreaker: Legacies
"I talk a lot because you're not listening!"
—Marissa Rayne

Marissa Rayne was a female chiss/human hybrid who became involved in a number of events in the Capital during the year 200 ATB.


Early lifeEdit

She's still living it, the baby. Marissa was born in a Capital hospital like many other children, and was considered a 'miracle child' by her parents David and Samantha Rayne, as chiss/human offspring were previously unheard of. She briefly went to public school as a child, but found it unchallenging and unfriendly, and soon switched to homeschooling through her grade and high school years. Prior to 201 ATB, she was taking advanced math classes after surpassing the skills of those in her family. A few months after her fifteenth birthday, she met Angel Grace and Sakura Keller, and everything went downhill from there.

Personality and traitsEdit


David RayneEdit

Main article: David Rayne

David Rayne is Marissa's father, a chiss male with a medium-high level position at Joyce Enterprises. He taught her the basics of computer usage as a child, and has always had a good, if slightly distance relationship with her. He is a caring father, though spends little time with Marissa due to his work.

Samantha RayneEdit

Main article: Samantha Rayne

Samantha Rayne is Marissa's mother, a human female stay-at-home Mom.

Kyle RayneEdit

Main article: Kyle Rayne

Kyle Rayne is Marissa's older adoptive brother. He helped teach her math, though she surpassed his skill level in the upper grades. Kyle felt a bit of animosity and jealousy as a child towards Marissa's ability to learn and retain information better than he could, despite being four years younger, but he grew out of those feelings as a teenager, and the two have had a friendly sibling relationship ever since.

Sakura KellerEdit

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Angel GraceEdit

"I never can seem to make friends with anyone my own age."
—Marissa Rayne
Main article: Angel Grace

Tracy McLintockEdit

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"Force my hand and I will sedate and carry you. Now follow."
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Friedrich TrevorEdit

"How am I supposed to feel good about working with someone who's pointing a gun at me?"
—Marissa Rayne
Main article: Friedrich Trevor

Talents and skillsEdit

"Walking's boring. Going to use computer instead."
—Marissa Rayne

Marissa was exceptionally talented at software, and to a lesser extent hardware, engineering. Given her father's occupation as a scientist, she had access to computers her entire life, and began writing programs at the age of eight, and building simple robots at the age of twelve.


Dawnbreaker: Legacies (First appearance)

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