A male elf
Universe Eledath
Homeland Aenor
Language Common, Elvish
Average height of adult
  • M: 5'5"
  • F: 5'0"
Skin color
  • white
  • pink
  • tanned
  • slender bodies
  • symmetrical features
  • pointed ears
Average lifespan 140 years
  • Drow
  • Half-Elf

Elves are a humanoid race who usually live in forests and woodland. They are herbivores, and grow their own food. A proud race, they look down on other species as being inferior. They are intellectually superior to humans, though not as much as they'd like to think. Their average lifespan is around 140 years.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

A characteristically beautiful race, the Elves typically have symmetrical and delicate features. On average, they are about five inches shorter than humans, with slight frames. Their ears are pointed and elongated, the tips level with mid-forehead, whereas on humans they would level with the eyebrows. Unlike most other mammals, they have no bodily hair, besides that on their head, eyebrows, and eyelashes.



Drow, also referred to as "Dark Elves, are a subspecies of Elf. Their skin is typically black, or a very dark shade of brown or grey. Their hair ranges in the grey scale from white to black.
Drow lady8 stock by umrae thara-d57b3d0

A female Drow.

They are more aggressive by nature than their fairer counterparts, but not inherently "evil." They live underground, and prefer the dark to sunlight.


Half-Elves are half Elf or Drow, the other half human. Elves cannot reproduce with any species besides humans and other Elves. By average they are slightly taller than pure Elves, but still slightly built and beautiful, though not always quite so perfect-looking. They often grow facial hair. They are generally somewhat less proud and more reckless than Elves, with their more human urges and emotions. Their average lifespan is 600 years.



High ElvesEdit

Wood ElvesEdit

The Wood Elves live in the forested country of Alion.






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