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  • Satellite1397
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In 2167 World War Three ravaged Earth, leaving it almost entirely a wasteland. Nations converged, and working together, designed the Arks: The Inception, The Endeavor, and The Hyperion. Loaded with cryogenically frozen passengers, the three ships are launched into space, beginning their three-hundred year journey to the planet dubbed Eden. There, the colonists would build a new home, and give humanity a chance to start anew.


The Inception awakens the passengers from cryosleep ahead of schedule, alarms blaring. Something has hit the ship, sending it into emergency mode. The passengers and emergency systems manage to slow the ship as it enters the atmosphere of an unknown planet, though in their attempts to slow her down, The Inception splits into two pieces, each half either crashing or landing roughly two-hundred miles apart.

There are heavy casualties, but approximately one-hundred colonists from the front half of the ship survive. They find themselves on a small, inhospitable planet dubbed Beta 61. Nothing but snow, hills, a few trees and a mountain range in the distance. With no contact with the other half of the ship, or any easy means to reach them, they have no idea how many, if any at all, survived on that end. For now, the colonists have little choice but to set up and try to survive in and around the ruins of The Inception, and hope that any survivors in the other half are doing the same.

Get InvolvedEdit

As of July 25th 2013, Cold Secrets is about to begin, so if you'd like to join, head over to the discussion page on the forum and sign up! Easy as that. Even after it begins, it will still be an Open RP, so anyone many join as long as they read the recent posts and find a way to get their character in realistically.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The concept of Cold Secrets was initially thought up by user ADudeNamedDude, and was then expanded on and fleshed out by him, Aeliss Novak, and Garyn Dakari.

The first actual post in the RP was made on August 14th 2013, and was, coincidentally, the 100th post on the ForgeRP forums.

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